Anja Bonjer was born in the city of Rotterdam in 1961. From a young age, she was already interested in art and culture. Which later on, led to a professional career as an artist in abstract art.  After many years of committing herself to her family life, she still found time to develop new works of art, and experimented with different techniques in her paintings. In addition to her family life, Anja was also during that period the lead singer of a classical music ensemble, which performed throughout the Netherlands for many years.

Her development into an artist gradually came throughout the years. After following a variety of studies, she  is still considered to be autodidact in the world of art. The style of Anja in her painting is unmistakably versatile. The colors will splash from the canvas. All created artworks are diverse and multi-interpretable, which makes it accessible to everyone who enjoys art.

In her paintings she does not search for the much-traveled paths but searches for new ways to let the colors and shapes speak and thus appeal to everyone's imagination. Anja will continue to develop new ideas in the future that always lead to special paintings.


#Anja Bonjer “Abstract art is admired by many, but understood by only a few.”



 Creating and experimenting with different techniques and materials is the most fun thing to do for an artist. Anja is not only choosing splashing techniques in her paintings, but also uses an unique way of sculpting the paint on the canvas. This is done by using Japanese stucco knives. With these tools paint can be applied layer upon layer, even when it hasn't dried yet. This gives the painting an great sense of depth and relief. Combining both techniques is characteristic for Anja designs.


 All types and sizes of canvasses are used in her artworks. It depends on the artwork which type of canvas is preferably. Certain dimension are sometimes required, due to the needs of the clients. Canvasses on linen are most common or blended with cotton. Paintings on panels or synthetic materials are rarely done.

The paint is mostly acrylic based or a mixture with medium when needed. All used paints are of a high quality and guarantee a long color fastness. Preferred paint brand is; Royal Talens Amsterdam. Others will meet an equivalent quality, due to the high standards needed.


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